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 Wonky Log Cabin Trim Tool (17118)

Wonky Log Cabin Trim Tool (17118)




The 10in Wonky Log Cabin Trim Tool puts a fun twist on a traditional block. This one is designed to work with 2-1/2in strips for both the logs and center squares making it precut friendly. After adding each round of logs, place the appropriate centering square on the ruler over the center square of the block and trim. Since each round is trimmed before adding the next one, your final trim squares up the block making it ready to be used in your project.

* Easy to read black and white markings make it easy to line up on your block for trimming.
* Strip widths and center square dimensions are printed right on the tool.
* The trim tool slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. Then, our exclusive grip holds the fabric in place while you trim your block, eliminating slipping and miss-cuts.
* Comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions.
* Scan the QR code to view a how-to video.

Total Size 10-1/2'' X 10-1/2''


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