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Fold Over resår svart (17242)

Fold Over resår svart (17242)



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Not working with mesh? Fold-over elastic is perfect for finishing a neckline or wristbands on a special outfit. It also beautifully finishes the edges of diapers or diaper covers to securely fit your special baby.
- 20mm wide, nylon.

Directions for use:
1. Position the edges of fabric in center of fold-over elastic.
2. Fold elastic over raw edges and pin at beginning.
3. For smooth edges: Set the stitch to a straight stitch or a narrow, medium-length zig-zag. Carefully guide fabric and fold-over elastic under machine needle and stitch.
4. For gathered edge: Guide fabric and fold-over elastic with one hand as you stretch fold-over elastic tightly with other hand. Then straight or zig-zag stitch on edge of fold-over elastic, catching all layers.

Color: Black
Made of: Nylon and Spandex
Use: Elastic
Size: 3/4in 


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