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Diagonal Seam tape (16848)

Diagonal Seam tape (16848)



What is Diagonal Seam Tape?

Diagonal Seam Tape is simply washi tape that is placed on the front plate of your sewing machine to act as a guide while you are sewing diagonal seams.

The tape is strong, thin, sticks well to almost any surface, and comes off easily. Each roll has 10 yards of tape so it should last a really long time.

The red line in the center is aligned with the needle of your machine, and the black lines on either side are 1/4? to each side from the center of the lines, to represent a 1/4? seam allowance. The black lines won?t replace a piecing foot with a perfect 1/4?, but act as an extra guide.

The tape removes cleanly, but I recommend removing or replacing the tape often or after each project to avoid any residue on your machine. This tape is not meant to be a permanent fixture on the machine, and long term use without replacement may result in some residue to clean off.


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